Redimete Diem!

Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise,
making the most of the time, because the days are evil. (Eph. 5:15-16, ESV)

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Reformation Celebration!

    Every year in October, New Covenant Church sponsors a theme study based on the principle of ecclesia semper reformans, semper reformanda - that the Church always be Reformed and always be reforming - always calling itself and the world back to the touchstone of truth, the Word of God.  Therefore, we do not focus merely on 17th century European history every year, but focus, instead, on ways in which the Chruch of Christ needs to be reminded and challenged to return to its Reformation heritage and theology and to project that into the world.

Subjects studied in previous years: The Inerrancy of the Bible, The Virgin Birth of Christ, Christís Authentic Miracles, Christís Substitutionary Atonement, The Truth, Power, Glory, Hope and Promise of the Resurrection

Reformation, 2017 - 500 Years -


  2017 - Martin Luther - Reformation Answers to Medieval Questions

        Sermons                                                     Lectures

    "By Whose Authority"                                Luther's Use of the Media          PowerPoint Presentation

                                                                                                                         95 Theses

                                                                                                                         Disputation Against

                                                                                                                         Scholastic Theology

    "How is One to be Forgiven"                    The Marburg Colloquy (Mr. Kurt Scharping)


    "What Must I Do to be Saved?"                "That Dear, Brave Woman!"     PowerPoint Presentation


    "What is a true Holy Life?"

    "How Do I Understand the Mysteries?"    Was Luther Anti-Semitic?          PowerPoint Presentation

    "Who is Doing the Worshipping?"            How Music Affects Worship      PowerPoint Presentation

                                                                  A Pictorial Tour of Luther's Life     PowerPoint Presentation

  2018 - John Calvin - A Gospel Burning the Soul, A Mind Changing the World

        Sermons                                                     Lectures

    The Fatherhood of God                             Calvin, The Influence                 Printable Handout

         and the Brotherhood of Man

    The God-Breathed Scriptures                   Calvin, The Inigma                    Printable Handout

    Catastrophism vs.                                     Calvin, Pastor, Professor         Printable Handout

         Uniformity in Man                                       & Theologian

    The Gifts of Law & Grace                          Calvin & Worship                      Printable Handout

    Life with the Holy Spirit                              Calvin, Integrity                          Printable Handout

                                                                       & Reputation

    Such a Divine Providence                         From Calvin to Calvinism         Printable Handout

    The Church & the State                           


  2019 - John Knox - The Revolutionary Reformer

        Sermons                                                     Lectures

That Idolatrous Mass!                             The Times of John Knox                 PowerPoint Presentation

                                                                                                                         Printable Handout

  2020 - Scotland's Second Reformation


        The Documents of the Reformation


        Charles II and "the Killing Times"


        American Covenanting


        The American Covenanters of Ohio and the Underground Railroad


  2021 - The Puritans


        Introduction to Puritanism - a Christian Education Class


        The American Puritans - October lecture series


            A Necessary Overview of New World Colonization: "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" ... but not the Myth!


            "The New England Way"


            Spiritual Warfare


            Puritans and Education


            A Heart for the Indigenous Peoples


            The Great Awakening


2022 - John Witherspoon


            "Infidelity Reduced to a System"


            The Scot


                Excerpts from Ecclesiastical Characteristics, 1753


            The American


            The Patriot


2023 - William Wilberforce


            Review: The Historical Background of Slavery (from 2021)


            The Gin Age


            The Great Change


            The First Great Object: The Slave Trade


            The Second Great Object: The Reformation of Manners




David G. Barker