Redimete Diem!

Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise,
making the most of the time, because the days are evil. (Eph. 5:15-16, ESV)

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A Miscellany of Issues and Topics

(unlinked titles are as yet unavailable)


     Toward a Reformative Architecture for Worship

        A paper for Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary, January, 2014


     What Does the Fire at Notre Dame Mean for Christians?  (April, 2019)


          Combined MOV, (2020)


     The Holy Sepulchre: Do We Really Know Where Jesus was Buried? (2020)


     William the Baptist by J. M. Chaney - (This is an off-site link)

Church History

    The Story of the Holy Sepulchre

    Ancient Rome in a Nutshell  (Power Point)   video

    The Makemie Churches of the Delmarva Peninsula    (PowerPoint)

     The History of the Presbytery of New Castle

     The History of Hopewell Presbyterian Church

     The History of White Clay Creek Presbyterian Church, Presbytery of New Castle


        (Further contributions welcome!)


    Confronting The Da Vinci Code (2005)

    The Battle Over Susan - Commentary on Disney's movie rendition of Lewis'  Prince Caspian 



     The Educational Horizon - A Review of the educational choices facing Christian parents today


                                                  PowerPoint slides


     Is My NonCommunicant Child Ready for Communicant Membership?

     What About Cremation? (2000)

     The "Gift" of Singleness?  (Currently unavailable) (2008)

     Marital Budgetary Priorities  (Currently unavailable) (2008)

Ladies' Retreat, 2022 - Elizabeth Elliot

Keep a Quiet Heart, Session #1  or

Keep a Quiet Heart, Session #2 or

Keep a Quiet Heart, Session #3 or

Questions and Answers -


 A Blessing for the President - How all Christians must pray for President Obama, (3/09)

 Politics in the Pulpit - by R. Leonard - Getting the legalities about Church and State Straight

 "Precedential Race" - Upon the announcement of Gov. Sarah Palin to be VP candidate for

                                            Republican Party (September, 2008)

 "Choice" - As the Presidential race of 2012 heats up, both candidates

                                            are after the "Feminine vote" (April, 2012)

 Which Law Matters? - Gun Control and the Death of Amy Caprio (5/24/2018)


    Open Letter to the Session Regarding Women Deacons, (September, 2008)


            An Historical Perspective (MP3)         PowerPoint Slides        Timeline

            Another Look at the Rapture (1999)

            Understanding the Thousand Years of Revelation 20

     Sola Scriptura - A timely reminder of the foundational difference

                                         between the Roman Catholics and Protestants (2005)

     Is there an "Age of Innocence"? (2006)

     "Where Are We Headed?" - A Call for Doctrinal Revival in the PCA (2020)

    "Where have We Come From?" - A Call for Attitudinal Revival in the PCA (2021)


    One Glorious Day - Why the Fourth Commandment is so important today.


    A Plea for Evening Worship Services by William J. Vermeulen


    Signs & Seals: The Materials of the Lord's Supper

        The Bread            Power Point

        The Wine              Power Point

        The Table              Power Point


David G. Barker