Redimete Diem!

Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise,
making the most of the time, because the days are evil. (Eph. 5:15-16, ESV)

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The Life and Times of John Bunyan
Henry VIII declares himself head of the church, broke rel.s w/Pope  
Cromwell pursued Reformation in England  
Edward VI advances Reformation, Book of Common Prayer  
Mary I, "Bloody Mary", ferociously restored Catholocism to England  
Elizabeth I established a moderated rel. b/n Protestants and Catholics,  
     strengthened the Church of England  
Geneva Bible printed  
England and Scotland united under James I  
Authorized Version of the Bible published, dedicated to King James  
Charles I  
  John Bunyan born
Scots sign National Covt. In opposition to Charles I  
     who was foisting the new prayer book upon them  
Civil War - rivalry b/n Parliament and monarchy  
  joined Parliament’s Army
Parliament finishes the Westminster Confession of Faith  
  married Mary
The Commonwealth, with a growth of Puritan zeal  
  met Pastor Gifford
  joined Gifford’s nonconformist Baptist ch.
Protectorate of Cromwell  
  moved to Bedford w/Mary and 4 children (oldest, Mary, bland since birth)
  wife & pastor died
  began preaching
  1st bk., A Few Sighs From Hell
  married again to Elizabeth
Charles II  
  arrested while preaching, placed in prison for 12 ½ yrs.
  allowed out to preach
Act of Uniformity compells Puritans into the Church of England  
  Profitable Meditations, Prayer and Christian Behavior
5-Mile Act bans nonconformist clergy w/in 5 miles of parish towns  One Thing Needful, The Holy City, and The Resurrection of the Dead
Plague strikes London  
Great fire of London Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners
Paradise Lost, John Milton other books
  allowed out to preach
Charles declares himself Catholic  
     for financial advantages with France  
  January – while in prison, Bunyan appointed pastor of Bedford church
  September – released from prison
Test Act bans Catholics from public office  
  arrested and imprisoned again for preaching
  Instruction for the Ignorant, Saved by Grace, The Strait Gate, Pilgrim’s Progress
  released thru the influence of John Owen, resumed ministry
false reports of an assasination attempt against Charles II  
     results in persecution of Catholics  
Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress published Pilgrim’s Progress sold 100,000 copies in 10 years
Exclusion Bill attempts to exclude James, bro. of Charles,  
     from succession  
  The Life and Death of Mr. Badman
  The Holy War
James II, Catholic, attempted restoration of Catholicism,  
     leading to conflicts b/n Church and Parliament  
Edict of Nantes, allowing moderation of relgion in France, Pilgrim’s Progress, part 2, A Caution to Stir Up to Watch Against Sin, others
     is repealed against Huguenot Protestants continued to write and publish many more writings
Jms raises huge army outside of London to begin  
     enforcing conversion to Catholicism  
Declaration of Indulgence suspends all laws died suddenly, perhaps from pneumonia,
     Catholics and nonconformists      buried in Bunhill Fields close to Thomas Goodwin and John Owen
Jms abdicates and flees into exile  
The Glorious Revolution  
Parliament draws up the Declaration of Right  
     defining the crimes of James II  
Toleration Act guarantees freedom of religion for all Protestants  
Bill of Rights embodies main constitutional  
     provisions of the Declaration of Right  
William & Mary, Protestants & opponents to France  

David G. Barker