Redimete Diem!

Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise,
making the most of the time, because the days are evil. (Eph. 5:15-16, ESV)

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Helen Tannehill Keys

     A hundred years from now it will not matter

when or where I was born or what degrees or organizations I belonged to or what my bank account

was,  or the sort of house I kept, or what a ďgood personĒ I was Ö but rather, what a godly heritage I left for my family and what kind of a witness I was for my Lord and king, Jesus Christ.

     Whether I was a true lighthouse that warned of our natural sinful condition and the wiles of the Devil; whether I consistently pointed all to Jesus as the only Savior from sin; whether I demonstrated that only through His Holy Spirit can one come to believe and to know assuredly the blessedness of forgiveness and regeneration so that one reflects and faithfully produces spiritual fruit to Godís honor and glory.

     It will be important, too, that I stood firmly on the inerrancy of the Bible as the only foundation for life lived in the here and now and that I held confidently to the promise of Godís preparation of his own to enjoy eternal, blessed, heavenly fellowship with Jesus

who is that True Light Ö FOREVER!

     Oh, help me, Lord, to serve You well Ö and to live a life so true that when I die my friends may say ďher life spoke well of You!Ē  ďI will go in the strength of the LORD!Ē (Ps. 71:6)


     Heaven is a bonus Ö not something I deserved! Itís all of grace!!  In Heaven, with Jesus as His elect, I am assured of a glorified body like His Ö eternal, imperishable and fitted for that heavenly order.  Iíll be given Christís robe of righteousness (thatíll fit) in exchange for the earthly garb of sin that encumbered me all my life here on earth.  I always  bore the name Christian because I belonged and followed Christ.  But Iím promised a new name in heaven that Iím looking forward to!  I wonít have to ask ďWhy?Ē because Iíll know as I am known.  Iíll be able to join the heavenly choir to sing Godís praises on key.  Iíll be able to feast at Godís table on His choice fare with delight.  Iíll recognize my family and friends and thrill to see my grandbabies who made it there ahead of me.  Itís been worth the wait.  Praise His name!

Janet's words about her mother for the funeral, April 3, 2015

Helen's own testimony just days before her death (pending).


David G. Barker