Redimete Diem!

Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise,
making the most of the time, because the days are evil. (Eph. 5:15-16, ESV)

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Study Outline for Pilgrim's Progress, Lessons 18-28
(taken from Gulliver)

Lesson               Subject                                                                                     (brackets indicate

                                                                                                                         inclusiveness of content

                                                                                                                       as single theme or episode)


   #18               Wanderings from the Way -

                                            Pleasant River (124-125)

                                            By-Path Meadow/Vain-Confidence

                                            Giant Despair/Doubting Castle

   #19                                  Despairís wife, Diffidence/Key of Promise

   #20               Visions of eternity -

                                            They reach the Delectable Mtns/Shepherds

                                            The Hill called Error

                                            The Mountain called Caution

                                            By-Way to Hell

                                            The Hill called Clear/Perspective Glass

#21                 Conflicts and dangers -

                                           Discourse with Ignorance from Conceit

                                            Seeing Turn-Away from Apostasy

                                           Christian tells of Little-Faith

#22                                     Christian Angers Hopeful

#23                                    Christian & Hopeful yield to Flatterer

                       A final examination of fundamental truths -

                                          Discourse with Atheist

#24                                   Discourse in the Enchanted Ground, part 1

#25                                   Discourse in the Enchanted Ground, part 2

#26                The necessity of an intelligent faith -

                                         Discourse #2 with Ignorance

#27                                   Discourse about Ignorance

                                        Discourse about Temporary & backsliders

#28                The final consummation -

                                         Beulah Land

                                         The River

#29                                  They approach & Enter the Gate

                                         The Fate of Ignorance



David G. Barker