Resources for Cities on Tour - Milan and Florence!!!


Beware of Scammers and Pickpockets in Italy!


            Italy Travels Skills  (2 hours, 38 minutes)

            Paris to Milan map


Milan Orientation

            The Train Ride  (13 minutes)

            10 Top Things to Do in Milan  (6 minutes)

            Maps of Milan


What You are Missing - map of train trip from Paris to Milan



                        Blandina & Perpetua



                        John Piper about John Calvin in Geneva  (7 minutes)

                        more about John Calvin –




                        Destination: Turin, Italy  (12 minutes)

                        The Mysteries of the Holy Sepulchre  (53 minutes)

                                    (This video is misleadingly named.  It really focuses on the

                                    latest studies of the famous ‘Shroud of Turin’.)


Florence Orientation

            Florence: Heart of the Renaissance 

                        history & intro to art

                        (nudity & wine)

                         Map of Florence        Another map of Florence

            Palazzo Vecchio


            Piazza della Signoria


            Chiesa di Santa Croce

                        Santa Croce Church – The Pantheon of Florence

                                    and Its Famous Tombs  (5 minutes)


            Ponte Vecchio

                        Secrets of the Ponte Vecchio  (3 minutes)


            Duomo (Florence Cathedral)

                        How an Amateur Built the World’s Biggest Dome  (4 minutes)


            Leather Workshop


            Gates of Paradise – the freestanding baptistry

                        Exploring Art History in the City  (5 minutes)


            Giotto’s Bell Tower


            Dante's House

                        Why Should You Read Dante’s ‘Divine Comedy’?  (5 minutes)

                        Dante’s House  (2 minutes)