Resources for Cites on Tour - Paris!!


Paris Orientation

            The Entire History of France in 23 Minutes  (23 minutes)

            The French Revolution  (16 minutes)

            Napoleon Bonaparte  (16 minutes)

            The Man Who Rebuilt Paris  (12 minutes)

            Tourist Map of Paris


Eurostar Chunnel crossing



            Passenger experience: London to Paris by Eurostar e320   (5 minutes)


                        automobile experience: How to Use Eurotunnel  (8 minutes)


Paris City Walk

            Île de la Cité (“Island of Paris”)



            Notre Dame Cathedral

                        What You Missed: Inside the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris  (11 minutes)

                        What Does the Notre Dame Fire Mean for Christians?  by D.G. Barker  (53 minutes)


            Île St. Louis



            Latin Quarter visit



Seine River cruise


Eiffel Tower


            History of the Eiffel Tower Documentary  (8 minutes)


Paris guided sightseeing tour

            Arc de Triomphe



            Champs Élysées




            Eiffel Tower (see above)


            Champ de Mars



            École Militaire



            Les Invalides





                   A look inside Marie Antoinette's former cell  (2 minutes)





            Place Vendôme


               (online video)


            Opera House



                        Celebrating 350 Years  (13 minutes)

                        “Phantom of the Opera” Back Story   (4 minuttes)

Versailles guided excursion (optional, $80)

            Versailles, from Louis XIII to the Modern Day  (6 minutes)

            The Vibrant Sun King of France  (60 minutes)


Louvre visit


            Louve tour map (summer, 2020)

            800 Years of History  (3 minutes)